What is the Difference between the old Innersound ESL amp and the new Sanders ESL amp?

  • The chassis is now aluminum.
  • All chassis parts are thicker to eliminate resonances.
  • XLR connectors are genuine Neutrik. They use professional metal sockets with locking devices.
  • RCA connectors are Cardas with Rhodium plating.
  • The power transformer is larger and more powerful. This has increased the amplifier's power from 300 watts to 360 watts/channel.
  • The power transformer is now fully shielded in an aluminum cylinder and potted in epoxy.
  • A new power supply circuit board is more compact and all wire has been eliminated (except for a 2" piece connecting the circuit board to the speaker binding post).
  • The amplifier is now completely modular in construction.

  • The face plate is "cleaner" and less cluttered.

  • The low-level, input amplifier circuitry has been redesigned to use the latest and best transistors.

  • The bias circuitry has been upgraded to provide more stable operation.

  • More powerful and linear output transistors are used to handle even more power and reduce distortion.
  • The new circuitry and transistors allow the use of less bias so that the amplifier runs even cooler than the original amp.
  • The speaker binding posts are placed at 45 degrees for ease of routing stiff speaker cables.



I believe that most high-end, audio products are priced at unconscionably high levels. Not only is this unfair to consumers, it is damaging the reputation of the entire industry.

Examples of this include tiny amplifiers selling for prices in excess of $20,000 and speaker cables selling for thousands of dollars. There is no way that the parts, performance, or design costs of these amplifiers or cables justify such prices.  This is particularly true in the case of small amplifiers, because they cannot drive loudspeakers in a typical home environment to realistic levels without clipping.

I believe in designing and selling products of real value for a reasonable price. We design, manufacture, and sell electrostatic speakers, amplifiers, preamplifiers, speaker cables and interconnects.

Great listening,

Price List

Electrostatic Speakers Model 10c $14,000
  Model 10d $15,000
  Model 11 $12.000
Amplifiers ESL Stereo $  4,500
  ESL Mono $ 9,000 pair
  Magtech Stereo $  5,500
  Magtech Mono $  11,000 pair
Preamplifier Combined Line Stage & Phono $  4,500
EROS Upgrade Kit Innersound EROS Panel and Crossover upgrade kit $  3,000




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