2008 RMAF Best of Show by SteroMojo

Completely breaking the electrostatic limitations of not playing very loud or going very low, as well as being very hard to drive, Roger Sander's reasonably priced ($12,999) electrostat 10b will play all day at 100+db and go down flat to 20Hz with 98db efficiency.
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Integrating with the rugged Ultrastat panel is a 10" bass driver utilizing a magnetic damping system that starts and stops up to 10x faster than conventional drivers, Sanders says. It's installed in a proprietary transmission line controlled by its own included 600 watt Crossover Amplifier. An electronic crossover completes the system and offers finite adjustment of the bass and mid frequency balance to accommodate room variability and personal preference. Just add your own power for the stat panels.(He makes that, too if you need it)