Once Phillip received the ESL amp to use with the 10b's for their review; he wanted to review this amplifier as well. We are pleased to present that review:
APRIL 2010

Sanders Sound ESL Amp

Phillip Holmes

(here are a few exerpts.. for the full review, please click here)
. . . "That’s not to say that just any old, powerful amp is going to be “mission accomplished”. The mantra that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely is well applied to amplifiers. Few are the powerful amps that sound transparent. Many are the powerful amps that sound downright unmusical. Until the ESL, I’d heard only a couple other designs that had the openness and transparency of the tube designs I like." . . .
. . . "Overall, the ESL Amp is one of the most neutral power amps I’ve had the pleasure of hearing. It’s very transparent." . . .
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