Sanders Sound Magtech Amp

Norm Luttbeg

(here are a few exerpts.. for the full review, please click here)
. . . "I wandered into the Sanders Sound room at the 2009 THE Show, sat down and waited while Sanders was answering someone’s question. When the music started, almost immediately I reacted with amazement. They were very dynamic, imaged, and mated the woofer with the electrostats seamlessly. I chose this suite as one of my top ten notable suites in my show review. Unfortunately for me, another Dagogo reviewer was also impressed and had gotten the right to do a review. But I learned that the developments that underlay the Sanders amp driving these speakers had also resulted in an amp for magnetic driver speakers. It is this Sanders Magtech amp that I am evaluating here." . . .
We are proud to say that Norm bought the Magtech instead of returning it after reviewing it.