Sanders Sound Systems Magtech Stereo Amplifier

A Hidden Treasure

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. . . I personally found the Magtech amplifier (black faceplate) quite attractive. The entire amplifier has a solid look and feel to it including the thick top and small heat sinks. Fit and finish are excellent. The faceplate was simple but somehow elegant. This is all in keeping with Roger Sanders’ more pragmatic attitude toward design. His intention is to design equipment that brings the best sound in realistically sized and priced packages. I quote Sanders from his website: “I believe in designing and selling products of real value for a reasonable price.” I applaud that attitude. Too many times I have seen equipment that is only available to the 1% with the biggest wallets, listening spaces, and egos. Ego aside, I don’t fit the other two criteria. I very much appreciate the more practical approach.  .  .

The Sanders Sound Systems Magtech amplifier deserves more than just name recognition. It is well worthy of consideration in any system where its power would be appropriate for the loudspeakers in use. But don’t take my word for it. Find out for yourself by taking advantage of the unprecedented 30-day, in-home, risk-free trial offer.


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