All of our interconnects and cables are custom-built, by hand to your specific requirements.  All connections are soldered for reliability and to achieve the best power transfer between the wire and the connector.  We do not use inferior crimped or screw connections.

Why have a messy, "nest of snakes" behind your equipment?  Since all cables are custom made, we encourage you to order the exact lengths you need to make a neat installation.

Our interconnects were developed in response for our customers desire for a state of the art cable at an affordable price. Starting with a coaxial low impedance oxygen free copper design, we then added precision machined RCA connectors. The net result was superb noise rejection, flat frequency response and virtually no coloration regardless of partnering components. Sanders Sound Systems is so confident you will find our cables comparable to the very best regardless of price; we offer them with a 30-day money back guarantee. For those preferring balanced connections; we offer them terminated with gold plated XLRs at additional cost.

Our interconnects are based on science and the finest engineering. Only genuine Belden wire (made in U.S.A.) is used.  Their highest performing "brilliant" wire design is used. This wire has such wide bandwidth that it can even be used for digital transmissions even though we are using it to handle the much less stringent audio spectrum. Because of this level of performance, you can use these interconnects for digital applications too.

Special coverings are used to maintain a compact wire size with great flexibility -- no more dealing with interconnects that handle like frozen garden hose!   Connectors are small, easily handled, and will fit in even in tightest locations.  There is no interconnect that will out-perform our interconnect designs.



  • Coaxial, low-impedance design.

  • Dense, braided-mesh shield for ultra-quiet operation.

  • Oxygen-free copper conductors.

  • Precision-machined RCA connectors.

  • All contact surfaces are gold-plated over brass.

  • Insulation is Teflon.

  • LR connectors have black-anodized aluminum housings .




Single ended interconnects -per pair


Balanced interconnects - per pair


We sell Direct World-Wide  (along with select dealers) - Prices apply World-Wide - 30 Day In-Home Risk Free Trial 

We are so confident in the design and build quality of our products, that we offer a

Sanders Sound Systems Lifetime Warranty

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