I believe that most high-end, audio products are priced at unconscionably high levels. Not only is this unfair to consumers, it is damaging the reputation of the entire industry.

Examples of this include tiny amplifiers selling for prices in excess of $20,000 and speaker cables selling for thousands of dollars. There is no way that the parts, performance, or design costs of these amplifiers or cables justify such prices.  This is particularly true in the case of small amplifiers, because they cannot drive loudspeakers in a typical home environment to realistic levels without clipping.

I believe in designing and selling products of real value for a reasonable price. We design, manufacture, and sell electrostatic speakers, amplifiers, preamplifiers, speaker cables and interconnects.

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Price List

Electrostatic Speakers Model 10c $14,000
  Model 10d $15,000
  Model 11 $12.000
Amplifiers ESL Stereo $  4,500
  ESL Mono $ 9,000 pair
  Magtech Stereo $  5,500
  Magtech Mono $  11,000 pair
Preamplifier Combined Line Stage & Phono $  4,500
EROS Upgrade Kit Innersound EROS Panel and Crossover upgrade kit $  3,000