Top Five

Sanders Model 10D electrostatic
This hybrid electrostatic speaker is essentially the same as the previous 10 series models, but with a new woofer. The change of woofer, along with the bi-amping using a digital crossover powered by Sanders Magtech amplification, eliminated a certain thinness in previous versions of the Sanders 10 to provide a remarkable level of neutrality. Perhaps not everyone wants the extremely direct sound generated by the fairly wide and hence inevitably beamy single electrostatic panel. But if you do like this kind of directness, one gets the impression here of hearing very much what is actually on the recording. And the listening room around one all but vanishes. It is quite an effect—you have to hear it to believe it. In its distinctive way, this was one of the very best sounds at the show. Speakers: $8,000/pr. System price: $15k.