Five Most Significant Products


Sanders 10D Speakers
The Sanders 10D loudspeaker was the best of the best at this show (of what I heard). Perhaps not everyone wants a speaker that emphasizes the direct arrival to this extent—the entire range above 175Hz is covered by a flat electrostatic panel, 15 inches wide, operated as a unit, hence quite beamy as frequency rises. But for the centered listener, something very close to sonic truth to the recordings emerged. And the new aluminum woofer, operated with a very steep DSP crossover at 175Hz produced bass that was awe-inspiring in power and extension, with precision to match the purity above (the bass is transmission-line-loaded). The whole had neutrality, low distortion, and sheer sonic power. Forget about the idea that electrostatics are subtly wimpy. Not so here, not at all. The Reference Recording version of Rutter’s A Gaelic Blessing was as close as one is going to get to the direct experience of live, large-scaled concert music at an audio show—or anywhere else outside a concert hall—with remarkable beauty, clarity, and delicacy in the voices, combined with power in the organ part. Wonderful stuff. This is a groundbreaking product. And the price is reasonable. The whole system, including amplification for the bass, is $15,000.


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